COVID-19 Cleaning Standards

In order to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep you and yours safe while you enjoy Cape Cod, our team has dedicated itself to providing the safest methods for cleaning and disinfecting rental homes. Our typical cleaning process has now expanded to include a set of precautions and disinfecting protocols to align with CDC and WHO recommendations for providing a safe and clean space. Our housekeepers, landscapers, maintenance techs, and customer service representatives all work for Del Mar, in house, which allows us to ensure these standards are consistent, and exacted by each member of our team.

1. Precautions:

  • When on property, staff are always required to wear PPE (masks and gloves).
  • Staff maintain social distance from each other and any guests.
  • Guest requests  (sheets, towels, etc) and other provisions should be provided on a no-contact basis.

2. Cleaning:

  •  Home is cleaned top to bottom, dusted and wiped, including trim, fans, fixtures, baseboards, all surfaces, floors, remotes, etc.
  • All appliances in kitchen are wiped down inside and out, along with cabinets, and all food items and trash  are removed from property.
  • Bathroom is deep cleaned with special attention to disinfecting all surfaces.
  • Appropriate furniture items are vacuumed along with all rugs and floors.
  • Floors are then mopped to further promote sanitation.
  • Freshly laundered sheets, bath towels, hand towels, and kitchen towels, and bathmats are exchanged for each guest.
  • Once the house is considered “clean”, it is time to begin disinfecting.

3. Disinfecting:

  • Each light switch, doorknob, remote, handle, or any other flat, or tactile surface are wiped down with hospital-grade disinfectant.
  • As each room is cleaned, utilizing this disinfectant ensures rooms are not only tidy, but free from pathogens as well.
  • In addition to wiping down, a vital part of our disinfecting process is the use of a commercial fogging machine, with applies a quickly-evaporating layer of disinfectant to every surface in the home.
  • The fogging layer is the last thing to make contact with the home, and fogging is done after all staff have vacated.